According to the Bulgarian National Institute of Statistics, the Bulgarian GDP is indicating a growth of 3.4% compared to the figures back in March 2010. In addition, the economic growth speed has increased with 0.6% compared to the Q4 2010. These figures turned out to be a big surprise to most of the market analysts, considering the fact that the world recession’s impact has hit Bulgaria seriously. Nevertheless, there is certainly a change coming in and this is also proven by the increase in the demand rates on the market.

The last couple of years the domestic market was suffering from the economic crisis and the contingencies coming from it and it was struggling with the drastic drop into the market demand, the lower foreign investment rates and the lack of security. The latest figures, though, are pretty much optimistic and indicative for the positive change taking place. In addition to the above mentioned, the investment interest towards Bulgaria has grown with 1.6% together with a positive growth indicated into the trade and transport services. The latter seriously contributed to the Q2 2011 overall economic performance. Further optimistic growth has been indicated in the new cars, telecommunication and export industries which is a serious reason for concluding that the Bulgarian economy is coming out of the global economy recession.