The Bulgarian company registered under VAT is obliged to file with the authorities from the National Revenue Agency monthly VAT returns (together with purchase and sales ledgers), no matter if the Bulgarian company has executed any purchases or sales during a particular reporting period (the reporting period coincides with the calendar month).

Upon performing an intra-community supply or acquisition /transactions with registered under VAT EU companies/ in a respective month, the Bulgarian company would also be obliged to submit an INTRASTAT declaration (for movement of goods between the Member States of the EU). The thresholds above which the Bulgarian company should start filing INTRASTAT returns are BGN 150.000 for arrivals (goods received in Bulgaria from other EU Member States) and BGN 300.000 for dispatches (goods supplied to other EU Member States) executed in the current year. The thresholds are reviewed annually by the authorities.

The third report which the Bulgarian company would be obliged to submit again on monthly base, is the VIES declarations (EC Sales lists) in case the Company perform intra-community supplies, supplies of services subject to reverse-charge or is an intermediary in the so called “triangular transaction”.

If none of the above supplies are performed in the current month, a submission of INTRASTAT or VIES declaration for the respective month is not required.

The VAT return together with the ledgers of the Bulgarian company (and also the VIES declaration if required) must be submitted within 14 days after the month to which they are related (Intrastat declarations are filed only electronically until the 10th day after the month to which they relate). The VAT and VIES returns can be filed also electronically with the use of universal electronic signature. Any VAT due to the state budget must be paid within the same deadline.