The Job Description shall be prepared by the Employer in writing and shall acquaint the employee or the worker with his duties and obligations. For the development of good Job Description which will cover all aspects of the labour process and also will be functionally connected to the other positions in the company, it is recommendable the usage of the National Classifier of the Occupations and the Positions in Bulgaria /NCOP/. Except for the positions legally determined in the law, the Employer can decide for each particular case of discrepancy between the requirements of the NCOP and the minimum educational and qualification level for assignment in his company. The required by the NCOP minimum educational and qualification level of the employee or the worker shall be proved by means of legitimate documents and certificates in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation. For the so called “regulated positions” such as doctors, drivers, welders and ect., for which а qualification is legally required the certificates and the documents for qualification are obligatory at assignment.