This article is the second part of our short study about the accounting service providers in Bulgaria I,so if you read this, then you might still are on the stage of search for the right accounting services provider in Bulgaria?

If it is so simple statutory regulated by the law and although the wide range of proposing of accounting providers you are still not quite sure what your service provider has to have so that you to do your business and leave the financial and accounting ones to someone else you trust, do not get panic – you are not the only one.

There are many investors since 2007 that entered Bulgaria with the only pure idea to do a business here and make money, and maybe you will not be the last one, who will face the problem with finding the proper partner to trust the following very important part of your business – the financial and accounting ones.

Just for the record – it is not only the question about how much you will pay now and every month for that service? Before that you should ask yourself and the other shareholders (if any) – how much I (we) should (might) are ready to pay afterwards. Unfortunately, the answer is somewhere in the future and therefore this shouldn’t be the guide line in making your choice to find the accounting partner of yours. Sometimes it worth to pay more, then to pay subsequently in times.
If you have already been aware about the mentioned above or just has found it for a significant one, and the financial part of your relation with the accounting provider has not began the most important part for your business in Bulgaria, then you should seriously pay attention to the professional experience part of your partner and his participation with other professional accountancy associations, better if worldwide known.

It doesn’t really matter if the accounting company is only with a Bulgarian ownership or has a foreign one, the most important is the solid expertise it has behind, the range of services that would be able to provide, the professional advises that could give, the overview that has to make on all your business needs, the responsibility undertakes, the testimonials achieved and last, but not least to communicate with you on a same professional language that makes you fully be sure that cover and meets all your expectations for your future cooperation.