Starting a business in Bulgaria, first of all you have to be aware that except the main and surrounding activities you have to choose a well experienced, represented and trustful accounting provider, thus to keep the company books in the proper order is obligatory for all companies, but not only, and sometimes even for individuals. Consequently that choice might worth for you, sometimes – not. Of course, the answer will come somewhere in the future!

How to find the proper one accounting provider? And could you trust in a 100%? Maybe you have not been aware how it works and have your own expectations how is in Bulgaria?

In brief description how the accounting services in Bulgaria are regulated you will find hereinafter.

You must be aware from the beginning that the accounting services in Bulgaria are not statutory licensed like in the most countries worldwide. Following that they could be provided either by individuals or by specialized for the purposes companies.

The general requirements for degree and professional experience are regulated into the Accountancy law.
Based on that every qualified individual or a professional accounting company could set up the bookkeeping of your company and prepare the financial reports every year. The fiscal year concurs with the calendar one and the obligatory final date for submission of the Annual Tax Return is by the 30th of March on the following year.

Moreover, if your company is a Joint Stock one, or Limited Liability or other and covers some additional requirements except the regularly accounting also could be a subject on Independent Audit performed by CPA.

However, perhaps the basis of the accounting services law regulation in Bulgaria is much more familiar now, but the bottom line of your search is just at the beginning. You must find the proper accounting provider and you are curious where to starting from?

Among the wide range of supply, If you still have any doubts to find the proper for your company accounting services provider then follow us in our next article … soon!