Many of our clients engaging tax services have asked question on similar topic. So in brief we would like to summarize the Bulgaria legislation in the area of ownership of land and other real estates in Bulgaria by citizens of EU Member states and Non EU countries.

Bulgaria law allows foreign individuals to purchase or inherits all type of properties – apartments, garages, houses, warehouses, building and etc. Nevertheless the right of ownership of foreign individuals of land is limited to the type of land and also dependable of their citizenship

Citizens of EU Member states gain the ownership right of land if they are officially established in Bulgaria. Such establishment can be facilitated trough permanent/ temporary work/living permit. Starting from 01.01.2012 citizens of EU Member state can gain ownership right of land if the land will be used for vacation/holiday purposes– latter rule is built in the Bulgaria-EU joining agreement.

The ownership right of agricultural land by foreign individuals will be granted after 01.01.2014 or before if they are registered as agricultural producers according to the Bulgarian legislation.

Individuals who are not citizens of EU Member state don’t have the right to gain ownership at land under no circumstances.

1 ^Solicitor Stefka Atanasova – 02/2010