The worldwide leader in logistic solutions Harvey Development had established a Trade Representative office in Bulgaria in January 2010. As a company policy the client keeps the accounting services in-house but the payroll and personnel services are outsourced on local level whereby Harvey Development is present. In the beginning of February 2010 the client assigned his first employee an HR director who has to lead the communication with the payroll provider. The plan was Harvey Development to assign 15 employees most of them Marketing and Sales specialists.

After the client confirmed that Sb Accounting & Consulting will be the selected partner for outsourcing payroll and personnel services, we get in contact with the HR director of Harvey Development in Bulgaria and implemented the services as follows:

  • Payroll project planning and following agreed payroll implementation plan;
  • Requirements gathering and payroll set up;
  • Application and configuration of the payroll set up;
  • Processing of payroll set up testing;
  • Test of the implemented services;
  • Post implementation monitoring and Go live of the payroll;

After the implementation was successfully completed starting from 1st of March we serve for the client in the following scheme:

Payroll Administration Services:

  • Statutory reporting of Employees’ fixed and variable data changes /starters, leavers and change of employment conditions
  • Recording of absences for payroll processing purposes;
  • Preparation and submission of all statutory reports and notifications to the NRA and the NSSI;
  • Issuing of Certificates of Employment on behalf of the Employer
  • Fill in and completion of Employees’ Labour books for starter, leavers and change of employment conditions;

Payroll Processing services

  • Monthly Input information preparation and control;
  • Pay processing cycle and pay calculation;
  • Processing of statutory monthly declarations for payroll purposes;
  • Filing and backup of the processed payroll information;

Post processing services

  • Creation of PDF files with bank payment instructions for Employer’s execution of salaries and deductions of the employees;
  • Production of PDF file with employees payslips and delivery to the Employer for payslips’ submission to the employees;
  • Production and delivery of statutory accounting output reports;

Upon request and as additional service for the Payroll clients Sb Accounting & Consulting could offer:

  • Physical submission on behalf of the employer of sickness leaves certificates and reports to the National Social Security Institute;
  • Production of e-payslips and maintenance of online application for employees’ access;
  • Creation of Mass Payment files for salaries and taxes for Employer’s processing with the e-banking;
  • Payroll Disbursement Services on behalf of the client;
  • Call center for employees’ enquiries related to payslips and payroll matters;
  •  Consultations and legal advises on labour and HR legislation;

Letter of Recommendation from Harvey Development is at disposal of Sb Accounting & Consulting and available upon request from our prospective clients.