In compliance with the Bulgarian VAT law in case that a Foreign company has permanent site on the territory of Bulgaria, from which implements economic activity or a Foreign company who is not settled on the territory of Bulgaria but implements leviable deliveries having place of performance on the territory of Bulgaria, is subject to obligatory VAT registration or voluntary VAT registration. The foreign company shall be registered for Bulgarian VAT through an accredited representative. The registration shall be carried out in the territorial directorate of the National Revenue Agency.

The accredited representative of foreign legal entities may only be a legally capable natural person with a permanent address or permanently residing in Bulgaria or local legal person which is not in a procedure of liquidation or that is not announced insolvent and does not have exigible and unpaid tax liabilities and insuring liabilities, collected by the National Revenue Agency.

The accredited representative shall represent the foreign person in all of his tax legal relations occurred in Bulgaria for VAT and furthermore shall be jointly and unlimitedly responsible for the liabilities under the VAT law of the registered foreign person.

Sb Accounting & Consulting is acting in the capacity of Accredited /Fiscal/ representative for foreign legal entities who have the obligation to get registered for Bulgarian VAT. The service includes invoicing of Bulgarian clients on behalf of the foreign legal entity as well as operation with a bank account opened on the name of the foreign company and used for tax transactions in Bulgaria.